by Tom Butler

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released November 1, 2008

Music and Lyrics by Richard Thomas Vail Butler (ASCAP)
Recording was tracked at 29th Street Studios in Salt Lake City
Recording Engineer - Ben Sorenson


all rights reserved



Tom Butler London, UK

Tom Butler is an independent singer songwriter. Currently, Tom Butler is living and working in London, England and is working on new releases due to come out soon.

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Track Name: Carolina
Sweet Carolina
I'm coming to find ya
I'm coming to make your hills my home
I heard the people
Love the steeples
I heard the love is overgrown

Oh oh Carolina
How far did you go?
Oh oh Carolina
How far did you go?
Oh oh Carolina
How did you go?
I don't know

Sweet Smokey Mountains
With your beautiful fountains
I'm coming to make you mine
With your fields of cotton
Right for the harvest
I guess I'm coming at the right time
Track Name: The Portland Song
What's this apartment
with a broken car and
what happened to my plans?
Where did my time go?
And where did you go again?

Well I emptied the closet
of all my boxes
and found my precious things
I grabbed all my books
I took one last look I found grief

It's in these times that I find
I really had a chance
But I will sit and take it
And make it to the best I can
It's in these times that I find
I really had a chance
But I will sit and take it
And make it to the best I can

I walked in the driveway
then I got on the highway
and found my strength again
in the music playing
with the songs we sang back then

And at the station
I was growing impatient
Remembered the words that you said
Don't be quick with your words
No one's feelings should hurt
Be a friend

Repeat Chorus

I was driving through Portland
I was headed north to
Find myself again
It was there with there with my heart
All broken apart

It was right where I left it
On the stone you slept in
It bears your maiden name
And now I remember why I
Promised to never love again
Track Name: My Wings
The river
Runs slow
But if it weren't dry
Then I wouldn't even try to go
The S-Curves
The banks
I took all the turns
And my lessons were learned and paid

And if I had the chance
I would do it all again

One more down in the middle
One more down for me
I can't fly that high yet
But soon they'll see
These skies are mine
These are my wings
And I was made to fly

And I found
My way
But if it weren't for maps
Then I'd be looking back today
My Shoes
Have lost hope
How can I walk
If I didn't have a soul

And if I could change
I would make my steps
Just a little bit longer, Just a little bit longer

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: White Caps and the Breeze
Hello brother
It's good to hear your voice on the phone
How is your life?
How is your life on the boat?
And he said to me it's fine
Becoming one with the tide
You're driftin' on the sea
And no
And no no you don't need a line

And you were lost
On the white caps and the breeze
Don't you know that this came at the best time for me
I call out your name
I can't hear so I scream
Lost the best world to be

Hello my friend
How I wish you were here
To talk to me
You can take the wheel, you can take the wheel
You can take the wheel and steer
And follow back
My pathway clear
And start before the fall
Before time, before time put me here
Track Name: Rule The Sea
A little boy looks out as the air gets colder
Father stands behind with his hands on his shoulders
Said it'll be great when you're a bit older
Cause you'll rule the sea

And You'll break through the waves with the strength of the strong
Moving all day, just moving along
All the other ships will sing this song
Cause I will rule the sea

Yeah I will rule the sea
All the waves will look to me
And after the Sound has gone to sleep
I'll be there to rule sea

We'll jump from mountain, from peak to peak
And the less we'll say, and the less we'll speak
The more we'll gain and the more we'll keep
Yeah once we've reached the shore

And in my years I've kept that boat
That got me to this bordering coast
Land of the free where we'll live the most
Yeah once we've reached the shore
Track Name: Constancy
You are my one truth
My constancy
Providing living proof
Of happy living
And I stand next to you
In everything
Knowing when I choose
I'm still returning home

And I know
I'm returning from far away
And do you still remember my name
Fortunately I follow my heart
However hollowed from the years
And the fears that overcame
I made it home
I made it home

You saw light in me
And made to show it
Despite the disbelief
You ignored it
A light for all to see
You explored it
Returned my heart to me
And you returned it now
Track Name: Angels
It was the first time
I watched a man die
It wasn't like I thought it would be
It was the first time
I heard that kind of cry

All the angels will come down
Carry you home

It was the first time
That I sang to the sky
I never thought I would
And it was the first time
That I truly cried
Because I finally Understood
Track Name: Song for You
If I could say a string of words
That would turn your head
Cause you understood
Then I would say them now

But maybe this time
I'll go it alone
But I'd much rather have you coming
Coming along with me right now

So I wrote a song
For you
At least it saved me
It kept me on
My way through
To being
To being me

You never knew
And I never told
The secrets I keep
That now grow old
And how about I tell you now

The happiness that I feel with you
Is too hard to explain
There's nothing to compare it to
How does that sound?
Track Name: House Where I Was Born (Acoustic)
Baskets of shells and rain for days
The ocean smell and running from the waves
Back inside where the fire burns
And into the night the story turns

The house where I was born
Doesn't exist there anymore
How I long to return
How I long to explore
Everything from the house to the shore
How I long to return

Even through intermission I'm running hard
I'm found in this position I've dropped my guard
The summers were warm, so we'd go outside
And the grass is torn from seasons time

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